Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cupcake Vineyards

I am a wine connoisseur to say the least! It is my drink of choice for dinner, for game night, for summer nights (sangria) and for all other social gatherings in between! Lately I have been such a fan of Cupcake Vineyard wines. Not only for their adorable preppy packaging and superb name but because it actually tastes delicous. I am a red wine person and I swoon over their Red Velvet Wine.

Every once in a while when it's super warm out and I'm boating the day away, I will always pack Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc! The adorable yellow twist off top as a cupcake on the top of it!!! Can't bear to throw it away!!!

What are your favorite wines to drink?!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monogrammed Necklaces

I always have had a love for all things monogrammed . . but especially Necklaces! I got this love from my Grandma would would monogram everything from her cable knits to her bermuda bags to her pins!!! When she passed away she left me all of her monogrammed everything! My favorite of it all is her necklace that has both and and my grandfather's name on the front and on the back the date of their wedding!!! Although it is not a typical monogram it still looks beautiful and classic!! Here is a picture of the necklace!

It is over 65 years old!!!!! I am in love with it!!! But since it is 2012, I found a NEW peice that I am in love with and it is on my wishlist!!!

Since I live at the beach in the Summer this acrylic monogrammed necklace in bright orange would be ideal!!!! Its from and I am loving their site!!!

What are your favorite monogrammed peices?!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Check out Ritzy Ring's giveway on Summerwind's blog!!! She was so sweet to host this blog for me! Happy Winnings!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

High Hopes

I had a lot of high hopes to work on my office today . . but it was so beautiful out that I just couldn't get everything that I wanted to get done today! I worked a little more outside! Bought a beautiful outdoor antique bird cage candle holder! LOVE!! Especially since they match me new lime green chairs!

I did work a lot outside today but I also finished up my bathroom! I finished painting my vanity, got a new shabby chic shower curtain, a jewelry holder, and tons more!!!!

I LOVE this shower curtain! It has the cutest ruffles at the bottom and beautiful paisley pattern on the top! Instead of shower rings I used black and white ribbon to hang it! So far so good!

I hung a new vanity and painted the sink counter blue! The vanity is a little smaller than the old one (note the hole in the wall and lack of paint) so that will be finished this week!!! Disregard that part! 

I hung audrey on the wall (my favorite)!

Put candles on top of the vanity for a nice touch . . . 

This is what I use to put our fresh towels since I have no storage in the bathroom! Another great use for an LL Bean Tote!

Cute over the door towel holder that I found at TJ Maxx for $10.00! I don't normally have good luck there but today was different!

I found this adorable little dish at Target for $1.99!!!! I always take off my jewelry in the bathroom before bed and sometimes I misplace it! So this is a nice solution to make sure I keep my jewelry that I wear on a normal basis is where I kept it the night before! 

Last but not least my Audrey Mug that I have decided to use for my makeup brushes! Perfect finishing touch!!!

So I have a couple things left to do to the bathroom  . . . That adds another thing to do to the list!!!

XOXO - Tara

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sneak Peak Glimpse

I am so ready to start redecorating. This is my "temporary" office . . . I am in the process of some "big" changes . . . I am going to spruce things up over the next few days!! Add some pictures on the walls, better curtains, bigger desk! SOOO EXCITED! I will make sure to post my after picture when I'm done!

Speaking of being excited, I cannot wait for Summer to get here. Here is a sneak peak of my outdoor porch. I just bought lime green Adirondacks and I'm starting to put up my outdoor beachy summer lights! No I don't live on the beach but I like it to feel like I do! Here's a glimpse  . . tune in tomorrow for more!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fabuous Friday!

Happy Friday!!! I wore my fabulous sandals for this fabulous Friday! I rocked my Alex and Ani Trident bracelet with my favorite Ritzy Ring!!!! Loving today . .Happy Friday to you and yours!

Harwigs earrings from boutique in Washington, CT.
Alex and Ani Trident Bracelet
Ritzy Rings

Miss Trish Sandals from Target Last season!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am so excited that it is like spring outside!!!! I decided today was a perfect day for rocking my Fornash elephant bracelet and bamboo bracelet!!!!!! The Ray Bans came out today with my gold bow earrings! It was a glorious day for my spring accessories!!!
 On my way to work!!!!
Fornash Elephant Bracelet and Bamboo Bracelet

Can't wait for more beautiful spring days and spring jewelry!!!!